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Knowledge, Sharing and Management of Knowledge; Organizing the Day, Shaping Life and Planning the Future.

Protecting our world and our environment as livable safe environments; It requires the determination to implement common values and understandings, the provision of behavioral methodologies, and the correct structuring of our skills, with their compatibility and proportionality, to use technology in accordance with its purposes.

In today's living conditions that develop due to the integration of human and technology, we constantly bring more obligations to technology in providing the expected benefit, keeping in mind that the aim is the happiness of people and the society in which they live. The use of rapidly changing technological opportunities makes our lives easier on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also includes the development of the awareness of privacy and the protection of the privacy and exclusivity of each life.

In terms of companies, the situation does not change. We proceed with the principle of adopting corporate values as our own value, without being different from our approach to human approach to each company and its components.

We will always be with you in arranging the present and shaping the future with knowledge.

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Our mission, as Mercur Group of Companies, is to provide service by following all social, cultural, economic and technological developments in line with the demands of the people, institutions and organizations we serve in the sectors we operate.


Our vision; is to synthesize all technological, social, cultural and economic developments within the sector by bringing together the values of our institution and a service understanding that creates value for our customers.


  • To see customer goals and expectations as priority, to act with an understanding that protects the interests of business partners.

  • Raising positive values, believing in common mind and platform management, aiming to reach perfection under the responsibility of the parts.

  • To protect ethical values, in internal and external components; to respect the business theory, culture and values of company employees, to give importance to their privacy and confidentiality.

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